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There is no consistent definition of //computational medicine// yet. So I will come up with my own general definition for now: Computational medicine is the application of computing methods to model, simulate and visualize medical processes in a virtual environment.

//Computational Medicine// is commonly divided into four areas. For now I take the definition by JHU to clarify what Computational Medicine covers.

  • Computational Molecular Medicine (pharmacogenomics, metagenomics, ...)
  • Computational Physiology (disease process models, pharmacokinectic/pharmatcodynamic models, ...)
  • Computational Anatomy (imaging, implantable devices, ...)
  • Computational Healthcare (epidemiology, medical apps, ... )

For details look into the following paper: Computational Medicine - Translating Models to Clinical Care

Propsed Focus

  • Dynamics of affective disorders (cellular, tissue, organ, psychical, social)
  • Tissue healing processes after severve trauma (cellular, tissue, organ, organ system)
  • Multi-scale tumor dynamics (molecular, cellular, tissue, organ)
  • Computational surgery with focus on neuro and trauma surgery (tissue, organ, organ system, organism)
  • Modeling techniques for physiological pathophysiological processes
  • Foundational algorithms of tissue formation


Frontiers in Computational Physiology and Medicine

Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine

Research Groups and Projects

JHU Institute for Computational Medicine

Physiome Project


Mathcancer / Macklin Lab, Indiana University

IT'IS Foundation

CSElab Zürich

Zürich Computational Medicine Research Group

TU Dresden - Medical Systems Biology

DZKF - Computational Patient Models

Zuse Institute Berlin

NYU Institute for Computational Medicine

Weierstrass Institut Berlin - Quantitative Biomedicine

TU Munich - M6 - Mathematical Modeling

UK Multi-scale Biology Network

Some interesting papers

Grand Challanges in Computational Physiology and Medicine

Simulation and Optimization of Fracture Healing

Modeling the Dynamics of Disease States in Depression

Modeling Tumor Vasculature : Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Level Aspects and Implications

Cardiac electromechanical models: from cell to organ

Augmenting Surgery via Multi-scale Modeling and Translational Systems Biology in the Era of Precision Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Modeling and Simulation of the Immune System as a Self-Regulating Network

Relevant Groups, Projects and Methods

Lattice Microbes

Virtual Cell

CompuCell3D - Virtual Tissue in-silico simulation

Morpheus - A modeling and simulation environment for the study of multi-scale and multicellular systems

Parallel Reverse Engineering with Mutual information & Entropy Reduction


Predictive Cancer Pathway Modelling

Tusscher Group, Unviersity of Utrecht

Hermsen Group, University of Utrecht

HHU, AG Computational Cell Biology

BioCAE: A New Strategy of Complex Biological Systems for Biofabrication of Tissues and Organs

Computational Systems Biology - From Molecular Mechanisms to Disease

A computational systems biology software platform for multiscale modeling and simulation integrating whole-body physiology, disease biology, and molecular reaction networks


PhysioNet - Resource for physiological signals

SpaceSys - Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Systems Biology

[ Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden - Biological Systems]

TU Dresden - Innovative Computing Lab