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Here we list all relevant infomation related to funding and donations.

Funding Platforms

Patreon is a website which helps to raise funding for creative and/or initiatives. It allows to manage membership easily and thus make it possible to get revenue by creating content on a monthly basis. Further information can be found on the [| website] or [image video]. Additional features include Social Media Analytics, Reward Distribution and Patron Managment.


According to their website charges a 5% fee for transactions and a 5% fee for maintaining their service.


Patreon organizes their members according to their topic of content, e.g.: science, music or games. Using and maintaining a Patreon account does not require a funding membership.

This funding website has specialized on scientific experiments. It allows to rais funds project-wise.


If an experiment is funded successfully, the platform will charge 8% fees and additional 3-5% payment fees (see If a funding campaign is not reaching the estimated funding limit all taken transactions are withdrawn. Only about 3% of all funded projects have led to peer-reviewed articles (20 out of 771; 20.03.218). Alternative to publications or articles, open data sets are a good result.

Funding History

Institution Collector Amount Requirements Documents
InStudies Plus @flat_ape @termi @Lukas `~16,000 €` Workshop & Hackathon Here


Institution Collector Amount Requirements Documents
LNH Business Services @flat_ape `1100 €` Bioprinter Modification & Evaluation Open Source Bioprinter