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Weekly NydusOne Meeting

In order to maintain a basic level of organizational capacity and up-to-date information about the NydusOne Node, a weekly meeting is held for all members and interested folks to attend. Due to the high variance of project-topics and the tendency to stray from organizational problems into the treacherous realm "discussions about individual projects' content", it is important to enforce some kind of formal structure as far as contributions to the meeting are concerned. The following is meant to be a proposition of a meeting structure defining a temporal order of topics and a formalization of input that simplifies the production of comprehensible meeting logs.

order of events during a NydusOne weekly meeting

1. Welcoming of attendants

This is where everyone agrees on stopping their private conversations and beginning the meeting.

2. preparing the meeting

The special character cards are distributed by some means and are thereby used to determine the tenants of the following positions:
  • Moderator
The Moderator keeps the law and order during the meeting. He reminds people to uphold an appropriate amount of conversational courtesy, enforces the format of content and seeks to achieve a productive execution of the meeting by any means necessary.
His sidekick pedantry and his trusty weapon of yelling at people support him in his mission against anarchy.
  • Logwright
The Logwright bears the important burden to encase the course of events in a shell of digital amber to be preserved for eternity and generations to come.
His Duty is described exhaustively in Meeting logs.
  • Agenda manager
The Agenda manager keeps track of the meeting's agenda and always knows what comes next if a topic is concluded. He decides the final order of events and is supported in its enforcement by the Moderator.
  • Time Bitch
The Time Bitch slaps the wrists of those who dare to fall into excessive monologue and by means of raw violence politely forces them to wrap it up.

3. reports

Tipps for the moderator:

  • reports are discrete monologues. Ask the reporting person (singular) to mark the beginning and end of their report and prevent interruption. If someone claims a report to be erroneous or expresses the need for further discussion, move the discussion to a new agenda point and - if necessary - update the report afterward.
  • strictly enforce the separation of reports with and without corresponding projects.
3.1 project reports/interna
The Moderator inquires the attendants whether anyone participates in a NydusOne project that recently experienced the completion of a task and asks for a very short update closely following the specifications for project updates. The participant in question may then speak or forever hold their peace.
3.2 other reports/externa
As opposed to all reports which were held during 3.1, some information about changes from outside NydusOne may be without any correspondence to existing NydusOne projects and therefore cannot be presented according to the obligatory format. I order to preserve a high level of readability for the log reader, formatted and unformatted reports are separated.

4. New people/guests

As new people or guests have no part in contributing to the reports, but may want to leave before an hour-long discussion breaks loose during Phase 5. Agenda points, this is the place where new people are asked to briefly introduce themselves by stating their name and area of expertise/interest and where guests may state their business with NydusOne.

5. Agenda Points

This is th place for discussion. As all of Nydus' actions are meant to be organized in projects, agenda points are divided into two classes:
5.1 action Agenda points
Every single issue, that demands action in any form (writing, thinking, buying, selling, creating or destroying, killing or giving birth to something, moving something from somewhere to somewhere else, acquiring information about something, simply walking into Mordor, crossing the beams and getting to da choppa) will be a discussion about spawning, destroying or altering a project or task respectively. The format of said discussion is as follows:
  1. proposal of Format [create|destroy|alter] [[project <name of project>]|[task <name of task> of project <name of project>] [as follows : <description of alteration or created task>]
  2. definitive end of proposal phase
  3. discussion about which proposal (or none) to accept
  4. in case of insufficient amount of consent: vote for a proposal (or none)
  5. announce conclusion
5.2 non-action agenda points
Fuck you. We don't talk about non-action agenda points. What'd be the point?

Format of a contribution