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This project intends to analyze up to date problems in game development. After the analysis we going to develop state of the art technology and infrastructure with guidelines for default routines and protocols, trying to make game development fun and affordable again. Luckily we live in times where it is possible to investigate the source code of most game engines.

For the analysis I propose a dual approach, where we deeply analyze possible game engine toolchain and user interfaces concepts, in parallel with open workflows. Alongside with this we should investigate the possibilities of automatizing game development with additional tools for procedurally generating content.

For now I resume some possible parts of this project:

  • Tools for rapid prototyping of game ideas
  • Game development as an educational tool /Edutainment
  • Serious games for therapeutical usage
  • Maximal modular game engine concepts
  • Visual/Hybrid programming languages
  • Procedural map generation
  • Material synthesis with neural networks
  • Neural networks for game testing
  • 3D user interfaces
  • Comparing low-poly and realistic graphics

Important Sources

The Computer Games Journal



Interesting Papers

Software engineering research for computer games: A systematic review

Texture Synthesis using Convolutional Neural Networks

Shader Components: Modular and High Performance Shader Development

StarCraft II: A New Challenge for Reinforcement Learning

Software Engineering Challenges in Game Development

A Survey on Procedural Modelling for Virtual Worlds

Terrain Generation Using Procedural Models Based on Hydrology

Relevant Stuff

3D User Interfaces

Game Engine Architecture

Procedural Content Generation in Games

Godot Engine

Some Groups

PG GenGa, TU Dortmund

MIT GameLab

Game Research, University Utrech

Game Research Lab, California State University

Games Engineering, TU München