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The 'Nydus One Bioprinter' is an extrusion-based Bioprinter. It operates via a controllable mechanical press, to extrude cell-laden bioinks. Basis for the Bioprinter is a modified version of the RepRap Prusa i3 MK2-X. The printer is capable of printing all three common cell sources: cell-lines, primary tissue and stem cells. To operate the Bioprinter, Dennis Ogiermann has written a "Composer". This open source pathplanning tool allows to dispense into standarized containers and cell culture vessels and allows repetitive experiment designs. The 'Nydus One Bioprinter' was established using a experimental 'Microgel Approach'. Main idea of the approach is the use of a thermoreversible gelatin bath (called Slurry Bath) to print objects with complex geometry. The approach was published by Hinton et al. in 2015 (see Sources).


To track and coordinate our development efforts for future Bioprinter iterations, we switched back to a special Trello board as our management of choice. Stay on track here:

Bioprinting Software Bundle

CAD-Modeling: FreeCAD.

G-Code Generation: Slic3r.

Bioprinter Path Modification: Composer ( )

Composer issues

  • depending on object(geometry) to be printed and the print settings, some prints might not work (trial and error, may work with some settings, but we don't know which settings are appropriate for what kind of structure)
  • the pathplanning seems to be off (Old Composer issue, solved in the new one!)
  • If you change the number of objects-to-be-printed later on, the composer will not recognize this and just print the initial number of constructs. To solve this issue, exit the composer and open again

Bioprinting Protocol

Bioprinting Protocol

OSF Repository

To allow sharing the required soft- and hardware, we have created an OSF repository: Open Science Framework Bioprinter Project



Component Details Amount Price Link
Motherboard mini-Rambo v1.3 Kit 1 120 $ Ultimachine Shop
Mechanical Endstop inlcuded 3 / see above
LCD Display 2004 LCD 1 10$ AliExpress
Heatbed Aluminium incl. Thermistor 1 45$ AliExpress
PINDA Probe Reddit 1 4$ AliExpress
NEMA17 Servo-Kit incl. threaded rod 3 + 2 110$ AliExpress
Pressure Sensor Interlink FSR 406 1 15$ Exp-Tech
Power Supply  ??? 1 17$ AliExpress
Thermistor HotEnd, req. 1 6€ reprapteile


Component Details Amount Price Link
Aluminium frame X: 360mm Y: 320mm Z: 330mm X: x3 Y: 2x Z: 2x 30€ Alu Profil Technik
Y-Carriage ??? 1 30 € Ebay RepRap Universe
Threaded rod E: 160mm (d:6mm) 1 ~10€ Conrad?
Smooth guiding rods X: 360mm Y: 360mm Z: 320mm (XYZ d:8mm) E: 2x205mm + 1x182mm (E d:6mm) X & Y: x4 Z: x2 E: x3 ~10€ (ebay) ~kA (proKilo) ebay / ProKilo
Linear Bearings LM8UU + LM8LUU Y(LM8LUU): x5 X&Z(LM8UU): x7 E (LM6UU/LM6LUU):4x/2x Y: 15€ X&Z: 9€ LM8LUU rayntec ebay LM8UU rayntec ebay
Toothed Belt 2 meter 1 2€ rayntec ebay
Pulley GT2-16/623h bearing housing 2 6€ rayntec ebay
Return Pulley 623h bearing housing 2 8€ rayntec ebay

Parts (Screws etc.)

Component Details Amount Price Link
Winding Tube 10 meter 1 4$ AliExpress
Screws Frame&Axis Schraubengrößen in 50er Pacaks holen  ? Schraube&Mutter
Plastic Parts Frame&Axis Printed by Vitt ~30€ (white) Check OSF Repository & Sources
Powersupply Cable 2-adrige nachmessen am BP ??? Conrad

In summary: ~500-600€

Editable List



Frame Modifications

Assembly Guide

Extruder Parts

Microgel Approach