Overall Project Management Structure

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We propose a 4-tier project management structure to maintain projects within the nydus network.

Tier 1 - Umbrella

At the top tier we have so called umbrellas, which gather all projects of a specific cooperation. An example for an umbrella would the BCI cluster.

Tier 2 - Actual Projects

The backbone is built by actual projects like the bioprinter.

Tier 3 - Work Groups

Work groups are small groups of peoples which work on concrete parts of a project. An example in the case of out bioprinter would be the work group 'Extruder'.

Tier 4 - Iteration

At the lowest level we have specific iterations within projects, which are executed by the working groups. An iteration is defined by the accomplishment of a specified set of goals/a milestone to come up with a concrete version of a part of a project. An example is given by the first version of the extruder for the bioprinter.