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Project Documentation

Prerequisites: If you want to establish a project in the nydus, you have to comply to some rules, which are laid out in the following:

  • establish some kind of documentation structure in which you outline: What your idea is, how you conceptualize it, who are your team members, what is your roadmap/plan, what did you achieve so far?
  • it is recommended but not mandatory to track and document meetings where you set new goals for your projects or include new people/ideas/data as well

A new project can be pitched and is realized in a way similar to the following workflow:

Project Idea

  • Project Idea Pitch
  • Project Idea Proposal
  • Project Set-up phase
  • iterative, active Projet phase (from here it is mandatory to document your project outline, the goals and the current status!)
  • realization project specific
Information management by Nydus standards
  • Milestone | Project success | project abandonment
  • Project finished (or abandoned) -> Archive
Phases workflow

Project Idea: Present your idea, acquire supporters/ colleagues or potential new nydus members collect ideas, data and expertise and work out a project proposal -> Nydus.One recommends regular meetings of your project (core-) group to discuss problems, progress etc. Set up a list of attendees, points discussed and newly set tasks, document your meetings, your primary data and additional content if needed

Project Proposal
Lay out your working plan, milestones, Financing, etc.--> Democratic voting in the Nydus (i.e. if you "apply" for additional money, resources, etc.) --> get "official" ok
Project Set-up Phase
Acquire the resources, people and workflow YOU need for YOUR project and actually start working!
iterative Phase
come back to the Nydus. One for help and support or when in need of further money/ getting introduced to other potential partners or using the network, etc. --> if you have something to show, hit a milestone etc. document it, maybe inform us and present your work!. After finishing a project, with your permission, projects can move to the open Nydus WIKI. However, then you have to adhere to OUR Documentation standards.