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Cooperations and Accredetation

Applied Computer Science

Projects can be carried out and accredited in appilied computer science via a so-called "Studienprojekt". For a cooperation it is necessary to either have a computer scientist (with sufficient academic degree) in the project team or to convince a doctorand in computer science to cooperate with the project. This person is then responsible for the supervision of the project and to pitch the scope, such that it can be carried out conformly with the examination regulations. Interdisciplinary projects are explicitly desirable, but not necessary. Please do not forget, that the responsible person needs some leading time to plan and schedule the "Studienprojekte" properly. As a rule of thumb for projects in the summer term please contact to the "Studienberatung" ( until the first january latest and for the winter term until first july latest. Anyway, you should contact them as early as possible to eliminate possible blockers. If the project gets the green light, it needs to be presented to the students at a then given date in form of a presentation. Specific details on formalities for execution of the project must be taken from the candidate's specific study regulation and should be discussed with the examination office when in doubt.