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You can now get access to the media storage in the Makerspace (UFO). It includes a beamer, HDMI-cable, and presentation-sets with cards, writing tools and much more. So if you need access to that Ask for access to the keys by sending us a mail to

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Welcome to the official homepage of the maker initiave and nonprofit organization Nydus One e.V. from the Ruhr-University Bochum. We are a dedicated team of young scientists, engineers, hackers, makers and enthusiasts. Together we collaborate on interesting projects by applying our knowledge we have accquired in our studies. Our interdisciplinary team is enthusiastic to share their knowledge and welcomes everyone to contribute their personal knowledge for our community. Maybe you want to join our community and get involved right away.


May it be prototyping, tinkering or science projects.


Providing tools and infrastructure to coordinate your work.


Connect and meet with like-minded people.

Open Networks

Our community helps Entrepreneurs to grow.

Open Science

We promote and conduct Open Science.