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The Nydus One e.V. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2018. We are a collective of students and alumni from various backgrounds. Inititally we have found together to establish an university-based makerspace. Our primary goal was to establish a community-driven place to meet exchange and collaboratively work on projects. Independently. Internationally. Interdisciplinary. One of the first successful projects was the conversion of an open source 3D printer into a functional Bioprinter. As we grow as a community, we focus on further projects. If you like to participate in one of them or just join our activity you can do so via our channels.

Nydus Objectives

Nydus One Maker Community at Ruhr-University Bochum

  • Makerspace with optional curricular involvement
  • physical space for students to meet, exchange ideas, develop and run projects

Open Nydus Network

  • Promote sustainable development of ideas and projects.
  • Advocate the idea of open source and open science.
  • We offer a network for interested and likeminded people to connect.

The Nydus One Team

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Marc, Alex, Melina, Nils, Dennis, Niklas